The Diamond Connection

The Diamond Connection is loosely based upon my experiences in the jewellery industry. It is set in the world of fine jewellery and fine places.

The most expensive diamond necklace in the world is stolen during a high-profile charity gala in London. Jemima Fox-Pearl, Head of PR at fine jewellery house Vogel, travels between London, South Africa and New York in a bid to solve the crime, while unravelling a century-old mystery of the Cullinan Diamond's fabled missing part. With love, intrigue, danger and disaster, The Diamond Connection is an enthralling read while Jemima is an exciting new heroine who readers will immediately love.

Jemima Fox-Pearl is a slightly naïve, middle class modern day Sloane Square girl who is quite out of her depth working for one of the world’s wealthiest self-made men in an industry that is quick and cut-throat and where no one forgives mistakes. She is full of heart and her heart is full of dreams and romances. But she isn’t stupid, that is why Sidney Vogel appreciates her and is amused by her light-heartedness, something rare in his industry and consequently life. When the world’s most expensive necklace gets stolen at a charity gala in Somerset House, Jemima realises there is more to the situation than meets the eye and with pluck and fluke, she saves the day … or does she?

Sidney Vogel, aka Baron Bling or Mr V to Jemima, was brought up living behind his father’s barber’s shop in Liverpool, as a child sweeping up the hair that his father cut from the seamen who worked in the docks. He now spent his life, when not flying around the world in his private jet, buying beautiful diamonds and precious stones to create even more beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Alexa Vogel, heiress to the Vogel Empire and Mr V’s only child.  In her early forties, she is beautiful and formidable, and calls a spade a spade. Jemima is both in awe and terrified of her. 
Danny Vogel is Alexa’s son and Mr V’s only grandson, therefore heir to the empire after his mother. He is in his mid-thirties and a lady’s man thanks to his chiselled good looks and charming mannerisms.
Paul Pratt is Vogel’s Company Secretary, a dull grey suited mean man who immediately takes a dislike to Jemima and does his utmost to trip her up. She in turn is suspicious of him. 
Emily is Mr V’s PA. An Anna Wintour wannabe,who knows which side her bread is buttered and doesn’t stop and being two-faced. 

Flora Fairfax is Jemima’s best friend and flat mate.

James is a gorgeous South African polo playing private banker, who Jemima meets and falls for immediately. He is a nice guy who seems to care about her a great deal.
Rosemary Von der Haye is James’ dear grandmother who takes Jemima under her wing and has her own connection to the Vogel Vanderpless. 

Petrina Lindberg is a beautiful 27 year old lawyer on secondment in London. She becomes more and more evident in Jemima’s world and consequently her heroine becomes more and more suspicious of her.