The Diamond Connection - The First Jemima Fox Mystery

The most expensive diamond necklace in the world is stolen during a high-profile charity gala in London. Jemima Fox-Pearl, Head of PR at fine jewellery house Vogel, travels between London, South Africa and New York in a bid to solve the crime, while unravelling a century-old mystery of the Cullinan Diamond's fabled missing part. With love, intrigue, danger and disaster,

The Diamond Connection is an enthralling read while Jemima is an exciting new heroine who readers will immediately love.

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The Christmas Connection - The Second Jemima Fox Mystery

Jemima Fox, travels to Fairfax Park in the depths of Dorset, for Christmas. Whilst there she discovers the story of the Duchess of Windsor's stolen jewels and Queen Alexandra’s elusive emeralds. In a thrilling showdown, she solves the mystery of their whereabouts and what happened one fateful night in 1946.

With tiaras, white tie dinners, a kidnapping and horse chases through the snow - The Christmas Connection is the ultimate Christmas mystery.

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