Josie Goodbody - A woman of many talents

Having spent almost fifteen years working in PR, with the likes of Chanel, Dior, Bvlgari before getting the job of a lifetime at Graff diamonds where she was lucky enough to be taught everything there is to know about diamonds and precious gemstones, the the king of diamonds, Laurence Graff. Of course this only enhanced her love affair with fine jewellery.

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Josie Goodbody

Interview: Josie Goodbody, author of The Monte Carlo Connection

Josie Goodbody couldn’t be more passionate about jewellery. Her glittering history with diamonds, and her eagerness to share this knowledge with the world, have paved the way for a series of enthralling jewellery mystery novels, the latest of which is called ‘The Monte Carlo Connection’.

The Monte Carlo Connection JG

The Monte Carlo Connection: Volume Three in the ‘Jemima Fox Mystery’ Series

In the summer of 2009, Josie Goodbody was sitting at her desk in Mayfair, as the head of PR for the most luxurious jewellery in the world - Graff Diamonds. Suddenly she heard gunshots from outside, only to discover that two masked thieves had just escaped with £40m of the world’s finest jewellery from Graff’s boutique on Bond Street.

Josie Goodbody book trio

“A lovely trio of new gems” by Josie Goodbody Mailbox Monday

A series of fortuitous coincidences have come together, which have caused my path to cross with that of author Josie Goodbody, a new to me writer who, it transpires, lives practically on my own doorstep.


Today’s Top Spot Feature is the page-turning Mystery, The Monte Carlo Connection.

“This book is awesome! The writer really knows her stuff; whether it is the exotic locations, local details, the fashion industry and most of all the jewellery industry in general and the diamond industry in particular! She has used this knowledge to eloquently tell us an intriguing mystery, and a very exciting such! This book is a page turner and hard to put down indeed.”

-Amazon Reader about The Diamond Connection by Josie Goodbody

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